Historic Zahrawi palace restores its glorious image in Homs city

Homs, SANA- Al-Zahrawi Palace is one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Homs and is noticeable for its beautiful architectural style that dates back to the Mamluk era.

Currently, this monument is witnessing restoration works to lift the aftermath of the sabotage and looting that it suffered at the hands of terrorist organisations.

Above one of the halls of the two-story palace, the symbol of the Mamluk sultan Al Zaher Baybars is observed, consisting of two opposing lions as evidence of the time when its construction was completed.

The characteristics of the Mamluk architecture in the palace is also observed of a narrow corridor and a heavenly space in the middle of which is a pool of water surrounded by wings on all sides.

Director of the palace, Rajaa Bilal, said that the restoration works of the building began in 2015 and the same preserved palace stones are used in the restoration works to preserve the aesthetic of its stones.

The restoration works include the dome on the second floor of the northern part due to the great damage caused to it and the restoration of the roof on the northwestern side with part of the entrance in addition to the restoration of some domes in the southern section.

Bilal clarified that the palace is a museum of popular traditions, but it has lost many of its heritage pieces, and some of the remaining are currently on display.

In turn, Lina Melhem, Head of the Engineering Division in the Directorate of Antiquities of Homs, who is in charge of supervising the restoration works at al-Zahrawi Palace, talked about the restoration works of the domes in the Mamluk section and the restoration of some walls and ceilings while preserving the existing of the architectural style.

The palace was registered as archaeological record in 1967 and was appropriated by the Directorate of Antiquities in 1978 in order to preserve, restore it and use it as a museum of popular traditions.


Nisreen/ Ghousson/ Mazen

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