Dashti: States conspiring on Syria continue supporting terrorist organizations that commit ugliest crimes

Geneva, SANA- President of the International Council for Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights, Dr. Abdul Hameed Dashti, affirmed that the countries that conspire on Syria continue supporting terrorist organizations which commit the ugliest crimes against the Syrians.

“When the investigation committee mentions the volume of the committed crimes, it shyly talk about QSD militia which is supported by US occupation forces and attributes the crimes committed in Idleb to terrorist organizations and mercenaries without mentioning that they are operating under Turkish sponsorship for the interest of their occupiers of countries conspiring against Syria and its people and that they are committing their crimes with support and sponsorship of states hostile to the UN system,” Dashti said in an interposition during the 45th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

He added that although those countries are member states at the UN, they are the operator of all those terrorist groups, affirming that the committee knows them very well but it is not transparent in mentioning them.

Dhashi clarified that the committee had to end up by calling on the Human Rights Council to implement its repeated recommendations, in particular article A on seeking to stop the terrorist aggressive war on Syria and preparing the conditions to find solutions to the crisis in it as the years are passing and the Syrian people and the nation in our region are paying the heaviest to resist the Israeli entity.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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