Renovating schools in Eastern Ghouta in preparation for new school year- Video

Damascus Countryside, SANA- In completion of the preparations for the new school year, Damascus Countryside Education Directorate has continued to implement its plan on repairing and renovating schools to be able to receive the students.

SANA’s camera visited two schools in Damascus Countryside and inspected the process of renovating them and interviewed a number of the supervisors of the maintenance process.

Head of Damascus Countryside Education Directorate Maher Faraj said that the directorate is following up the renovation works in preparation for the new school year as the maintenance works focused on renovating on toilets, sanitation facilities and school building facilities.

According to Faraj, the number of schools in Eastern Ghouta before the terrorist war was 399 schools taking into consideration that since the liberation of the Eastern Ghouta, the Education Ministry, in cooperation with international organizations and the local society, has worked on renovating 279 schools and it has recently renovated 50 other schools.

He indicated that there is a plan which will be completed next year for renovating and repairing the rest of schools in the Eastern Ghouta.

Faraj added that all the required precautionary measures have been taken for addressing the novel coronavirus “covid-19” such as distributing sterilization materials among all the schools in Damascus Countryside in accordance with the health protocol and appointing a health supervisor in each school to raise awareness among students of the health habits.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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