Islamic states’ information ministers discuss combating terrorism, extremism and threats facing Islamic world

Tehran, SANA – The 10th conference of information ministers of Islamic countries will be held in Tehran on December 3-4.
The conference is to be held at a time when big challenges and crises and terrorism have engulfed the region due to the spreading of the terrorist organizations backed by the United States and its puppets.
The conference will discuss means of enhancing media convergence for peace and tranquility in the Islamic World.
The Iranian President’s proposal for a “World Against Violence and Extremism,” which was overwhelmingly approved at the UN General Assembly, will be discussed also.
The conference will shed the light on the phenomenon of terrorism which has claimed the lives of many women and children, left thousands of peoples homeless and destroyed the historical and cultural heritage of the Islamic states.
Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance will host the 10th conference as it hosted the 5th session of the Conference in December 1991.
H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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