Worldwide coronavirus cases climb to more than 13 million

Capitals, SANA-The Worldometer website which conducts statistics on the infections and deaths of coronavirus around the world announced on Tuesday that the total number of coronavirus infections reached up to 13,240,715, of which 575,601 have passed away due, and 77,071,191 have recovered.

In Brazil, Health Ministry announced that 20,286 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the past 24 hours, in addition to 733 deaths, raising the total number of infections to 1,9 million since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic while the death toll reached 72,833 people.

In Mexico, 485 patients have passed away and 4,685 new cases were registered to raise the total number of deaths to 35,491 while the infections reached 304,435.

In India, 553 coronavirus cases have passed away in the past 24 hour bringing the total number of deaths to 23,727 while the number of infections amounted of 28,498 to 906752.

While in China, the National Health Committee announced that 3 new coronavirus cases were recorded in the Chinese mainland all of them were arrivals from abroad to raise the total number of infections to 83,605 ones so far while 4634 coronavirus patients have died until now.

Meanwhile, during the past 24 hour, South Korea has announced registering 33 new coronavirus cases, of which 19 have arrived from abroad, bringing the total number of infections to 13,512 without registering any new deaths.

In Britain, health experts warned in a report by British Academy of Sciences against the fact that Britain next winter might face a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak which will be the deadliest as it will claim the lives of 120 ,000 persons over nine months, pointing out that it is possible to limit from the danger of that through taking immediate preventive measures.

Hybah Sleman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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