Wheat harvest season in Homs… Abundant production, good signs and giving to farmers.

Homs, SANA- The Wheat harvest season for farmers is village wedding and a bright future with abundant production of (yellow gold), which gained its color from the reflections of the sun’s rays on the orchards of wheat that carry with it the signs of good and giving.

In front of the piles of wheat in the square of the village of al-Nagira in the southwestern countryside of Homs, the farmer Ahmad Zakaria describes the harvest season as festive month for farmers, he says in a statement to (SANA) The farmers celebrate this month the wheat harvest that we deliver to the Seed Propagation Corporation according to annual contracts, expressing his joy by rising wheat price for the current season to (400 pound per kilogram), considering this step a good initiative that contributes to supporting the farmers and encouraging them to grow the crop in the next years.

“Wheat harvesting operations s easy this year “With this phrase, Abdel Basset Zakaria, head of the agricultural association in the village, one of the largest modern wheat farmers, starts with. Pointing out that diesel is available for harvesters and burlap bags, which were secured by the Seed Propagation Foundation for farmers contracted with, where technical committees from the institution take samples from the land of Al-Baydar, analyze and examine it to receive and store it in its warehouses.

Zakaria believes that wheat production this season is better than barley, considering that the current price of wheat is good compared to the costs provided to serve the crop, where part of his crop is handed over easily to the Propagation Foundation and the other part sends it with small machinery and agricultural tractors to the grain silos in Shanshar.

Engineer Nazih Al-Rifai, Director of Homs Agriculture, explains that the production of the current season is plentiful, as one irrigated dunum produces approximately 400 kg of wheat, and about / 250 / liters of diesel is secured per harvester daily, four centers were prepared in Homs to receive the crop easily, according to receiving committees dedicated to this purpose.

Al-Rifai stressed that the government support for the wheat crop by raising its price to / 400 / pounds per kilogram will have a positive and supportive role for farmers, which encourages them to hand over the crop and increase the proportion of cultivated areas in the coming years and compensate for the losses suffered in the past years.

The total area planted with wheat for this year is about / 37 / thousand hectares.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen





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