Swedish website reveals new documents about Erdogan’s involvement in recruiting terrorists in Syria

Stockholm, SANA- Once again, the Swedish “Nordic Monitor” website reveals new facts about the role of the Turkish regime and its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in recruiting terrorists and sending them to Syria, in addition to providing various types of support to all terrorist organizations in other countries reaching the African continent.

The website which is specialized in investigative reports has revealed that the Turkish regime has recruited terrorist agents, including the two international terrorists, brothers Ibrahim and Abdel-Qadir Shan, to transport logistical supplies and terrorists to Syria in order to destroy its infrastructure.

Secret documents obtained by the website mentioned that the Turkish regime’s intelligence, upon the directives of its president, recruited terrorists “Shan” who are members of al-Qaeda terrorist organization and assigned them the task of transporting equipment, weapons and money and facilitating the passage of international terrorists who were brought in by the Turkish regime from various parts of the world and sending them to Syria for achieving Erdogan’s personal goals which are represented in undermining the Syrian state.

The documents indicate that  terrorist Ibrahim, who was previously arrested in Pakistan in 2005 for carrying out terrorist acts for al-Qaeda, was transferred to the American Guantanamo prison, to be transferred to Turkey later at the request of Erdogan’s intelligence services as they recruited him again early in the year 2011 to carry out terrorist acts inside Syrian territory.

The documents shed light on the role played by Turkish intelligence in supporting and empowering al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization of al-Shabaab movement in Somalia, and it also revealed a secret report prepared by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board in Turkey (MASAK) on the pressures exerted by the Turkish regime authorities to stop an investigation on funding the aforementioned extremist movement which has close ties with the Turkish intelligence with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Erdogan’s corruption and his association with extremist organizations in Somalia have been revealed by the new documents which indicated that in 2011 Erdogan ordered the establishment of the largest complex of the Turkish embassy in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, and built a military training center and a military school, and his partners obtained operating rights at the airport and port facilities.

In addition, Erdogan appointed extremist doctor Cemalettin Kani Toruna as an ambassador for his regime in Somalia as informed government source has revealed that he transferred millions of dollars to Erdogan’s business partners while he was in Mogadishu until 2014 and that he held secret meetings with leaders of the terrorist al-Shabaab movement and he provided material and logistical support for them.

This is not the first time the Swedish website reveals Erdogan’s involvement in supporting terrorism as last year the website had published documents about helping a dangerous terrorist, named Mohammad Zakirovich, nicknamed “Abu Banat” in 2012 by the Turkish regime’s intelligence services as it had provided many facilitations for him such as enabling him to enter through the Turkish territories to Syria to carry out crimes and terrorist acts in it after he became a leader of an extremist faction.

The events and facts over the past years have proven the involvement of Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party government in supporting, financing and arming terrorist organizations in Syria, in addition to making Turkey a passage for the passage of thousands of terrorists from different countries of the world to Syrian territory.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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