10 killed in the US in protests against killing George Floyd at hands of police

Washington, SANA- At least 3 people were killed during the protests which erupted in the United States of America last night over the killing of George Floyd, an African American citizen, at the hands of the police, raising the number of victims of protests to 10 people.

According to Reuters, the Officials in suburban Cicero declared that two people were killed and 60 others were arrested during protests that reached the small city yesterday, without giving any information about the reasons for the two deaths.

One person was also killed in Las Vegas during clashes with local police who claimed that the dead man was carrying a number of weapons to use them against the police.

Earlier, the American media reported, according to officials and informed sources, that one person was killed in Minneapolis, one in Chicago, three in Indianapolis, one in Louisville, and one in Detroit.

In the same context, the Washington DC police announced the arrest of more than 300 people for violating the curfew, rioting and burglary during the last night.

The US National Guard command stated that 18,000 of its troops have been deployed so far to deal with the protests in 29 US states, in addition to sending 1,500 additional members to the American capital city from other states to reinforce the troops deployed in the city.

In the same context, the US Department of Defense announced that the Pentagon will ramp up the security measures to protect its headquarters in Virginia and the military bases near Columbia.

The crime of killing Floyd at the hands of the American police turned into a public opinion case after protests erupted in several countries denouncing racism in the United States, in addition to the international condemnation of the repressive practices through which the American authorities are trying to quell the demonstrations.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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