Syrian Eng. designs auto sanitizing gate to confront Coronavirus

Hama, SANA_ Within the framework of the relentless efforts exerted to address the novel coronavirus, Eng. Musallam Sula’i, from Hama province, has invented an auto sanitizing gate UV and vaporization for people which can be used at the entrances of residential buildings and government institutions.

The device depends on the smart control mechanism in sterilization through using three methods including: alcoholic vaporization, which is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), radiation and the third one using both.

Sula’i, who designed the device with a group of engineers and technicians, told SANA reporter that the design of the device was carried out under the supervision of the Engineers’ Union and was installed at the entrance of “Sharia” mosque and it was then used in various other facilities.

According to Sula’i, safe, effective and authorized sterilization materials permitted by Health Ministry and used in Syrian hospitals, are used in the device where alcohol turns into vapor to completely sterilize the person entering through it with a standard time of no more than four seconds.

The device counts the number of people entering through the sterilization gate accurately and its cost of production is low, he added.

Head of Hama’s branch of Engineers’ Union Eng. Abdel Nasser al-Khalil stressed the fact that the union is an incubator and supporter of such innovations that serve the public interest, especially in the light of the current circumstances that all countries of the world seek to find the best ways and means to confront the Coronavirus.



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