Health Minister: Recovery of a new coronavirus case, all infections are in Damascus and countryside

Damascus, SANA-Health Minister, Nizar Yazaji, announced the recovery of a new case of the coronavirus registered in Syria to raise the cured cases to 6.

So far, 39 cases of Coronavrirus have been registered in Syria, 6 of which having recovered, while 3 have passed away.

“All the announced coronavirus infections were detected in Damascus and its countryside,” the Minister said at a press conference on Tuesday, adding that no cases yet registered in other Syrian cities.

He stressed that the danger of coronavirus spread is still existed as the total of infections in the world are rising, and there maybe infections in Syria, but “we haven’t known about them yet.”

The Minister added that the preventive measures to be continued in Sayydah Zainab and Mnein towns in Damascus countryside.

He stressed that the unilateral economic measures imposed on Syria have largely affected the health situation as the needed ventilators didn’t reach the country.

Mazen Eyon

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