Syria harvests EURODRAM award of the European network for drama 2020

Damascus, SANA_ The text “The Fear” taken from the play “colors Correct” by the writer Samer Mohamed Ismail harvested the EURODRAM award of the European Drama Network 2020 to be translated into French and all the languages ​​accredited in the EURODRAM Network (World Theater Corporation).

The text by the writer Ismail submitted to the World Theater Corporation was chosen along with two other texts in Arabic, and the evaluation was carried out by 290 members who formed 29 language juries to read 841 texts that were submitted to the contest last year.

The Arabic texts chosen alongside “The Fear” are “Qaa” (the Hold)  by Ammar Neameh Jaber and “Baheyya, Five Egyptian Portraits” by Karma Sami.

The writer Samer Ismail, in a statement to SANA, said that the EURODRAM award is a tribute to the Syrian imagination that is in the process of self-search after long years of television domination, and this is only achieved through fresh, current and effective theatrical texts able to deal with reality far from the dust of imported theatrical stories.

“It is an opportunity for our theatrical texts to be translated into foreign languages ​​and thus have the opportunity to be dramatized at the hands of foreign actors,” added Ismail.

The EURODRAM international award is the second that the text of the play “ The Fear” obtained after having won the prize for the best text at the Carthage Theater Festival 2018.

The leading role is played by Miryana Maalouli and Youssef al-Moqbel, who in turn won the best actor award in Carthage.


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