Army continues to advance in Idleb countryside, thwarts two terrorist attacks

Idleb, SANA-Syrian Arab Army units have continued their advance in the direction of Saraqeb in Idleb southeastern countryside and Sfouhen in the southern countryside after they repelled a number of attacks launched by terrorist organizations which were backed with a fire cover by the Turkish regime forces.

SANA reporter from the operation field said that “Army units repelled an attack by Turkish regime-backed terrorist organizations which was launched from many directions on Trinbeh village west of Saraqeb, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in personnel and equipment.

Army units expanded the operation through precision tactics and intensive strikes against the rear terrorists’ supply routes and continued to advance in the direction of Afes, al-Salhiyeh and Ma’aret Alia.

Meanwhile, units of the Syrian Arab Army repelled an attack by Turkish regime-backed terrorist organizations on Trinbeh village west of Saraqeb and Shansharah archaeological site in Idleb southeastern countryside.

SANA’s reporter said that the Syrian Army units thwarted an attack by Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorists on Trinbeh village west of Saraqeb city in Idleb southeastern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists’ ranks in personnel and arms.

In the direction of Idleb southern countryside, the reporter said that army units thwarted terrorist attack supported by Turkish occupation forces on Shansharah archaeological site in Ma’aret al-Nu’man area , killing and injuring many of terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo.

In parallel, army units continue their concentrated operations on Safouhen direction in Idleb southern countryside, targeting terrorist gatherings and supply routes with rocket strikes.

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