Armenian Syrian community welcomes People’s Assembly’s decision on condemning Armenian Genocide

Yerevan, SANA- Members of the Armenian Syrian community who reside in Armenia affirmed that the decision of the People’s Assembly to condemn the genocide committed against the Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman state supports the rights of the Armenian people and contributes to putting an end to the crimes against the peoples.

 In a statement, members of the community extended thanks and gratitude to the People’s Assembly at the Syrian Arab Republic for issuing that decision.

 They expressed pride in the decision as it condemned the Ottoman state which has continued to commit crimes against the other peoples since the beginning of the twentieth century and till now.

 Members of the community hoped that the Arab parliaments will also condemn the genocide and to recognize it in order to stop the crimes committed against the peoples.

 They extended thanks and appreciation to Syria and its leadership, people and army which has been achieving great victories against terrorism and which is defending the dignity of the whole Arab nation and sacrifices to maintain its freedom.

 Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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