Manbij pulses with life…security, stability prevail due to entry of Syrian Arab Army

Aleppo, SANA_ Days after the entry of Syrian Arab Army units to Manbij , visitors of the city can observe the security and safety prevailed as people began to practice their normal lives.

The danger of the Turkish aggression and people’s concern that they may be the target of the forces of Erdogan and his terrorist mercenaries have vanished due to the presence of the Syrian army in the city.

SANA’s camera toured the city’s neighborhoods and monitored the residents’ return to their businesses and shops.

A number of residents confirmed their satisfaction over the Syrian army’s entry into the city to protect people from the Turkish regime’s aggression, which affected a number of border villages and towns.

“We are satisfied over presence of the Syrian army, which guarantees the stability and protects the city from any attack or external aggression, especially the barbaric aggression launched by the Turkish regime,” Ghazi al-Droubi said, adding: ” Manbij locals are standing by the army to repel any attempt to harm the security of the homeland and to build a victorious Syria over terrorism and its supporters. ”

Ali al-Sheikhou said that life in the city has returned to normal, while Khalaf al-Khattab pointed out that the Syrian Arab Army is the guarantor and protector of all Syrians as its presence in Manbij gave hope and strength to the people who will not allow any attack on its territory.

Imad Mahrousa from Aleppo and a resident in Manbij expressed his happiness and joy over the entry of the Syrian army, saying: “We reject and condemn the Turkish aggression against Syria and we will be in one trench with the army in the face of this brutal aggression.”

Hussein al-Ali asserted that the people of Manbij stand by the army in repelling any aggression.

” As long as we are rallying around the Syrian Arab Army, we will remain strong and no one will dare to attack our lands.” Mohammed Mezrir concluded.

On October 15, the Syrian Arab Army units entered Manbij in Aleppo northeastern countryside and dozens of villages and towns in the governorates of Hasaka, Aleppo and Raqqa, as part of its duty to protect and defend the country in the face of Turkish aggression and its mercenaries of terrorist organizations.



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