Most fires in Lattakia, Tartous and Homs controlled, firefighting teams work on extinguishing remaining ones

Provinces, SANA- Firefighting  Brigades in the provinces of Lattakia, Tartous and Homs have continued to work on extinguishing the rest of fires which have erupted in different areas across these provinces on Monday and Sunday.

All possible capabilities have been mobilized for encircling the fires as the firefighting teams have been able to extinguish tens of them in the three provinces , particularly those which erupted in areas that are close to residential neighborhoods.

In framework of the exerted efforts for controlling the fire, many fire engines and vehicles have been sent from the southern provinces to help in extinguishing the fires which have erupted in the three provinces.

Tartous Governor Safwan Abu Sa’adi, in a telephone call with the Syrian TV last night, affirmed that the firefighting teams had been able to control most of the fires which erupted on Sunday and Monday in different areas across the province.

Abu Sa’adi said that most fires had been controlled, except a huge fire in al-Souda town, and two other fires in Draikish and Krafs, asserting that all the governmental  and civil institutions are in a state of complete alert, and hundreds of fire engines are following up the situation in coordination with different bodies concerned.

The Governor added that the unprecedented hot weather in the current year and the strong eastern wind had been the reason behind the eruption of fire.

Homs Governor, Talal Brazi, for his part, affirmed that 80 percent of the erupted fires have been controlled while the fire engines and the civil defense in coordination with the bodies concerned are working on encircling the rest of fires and over the next hours all fires will be completely extinguished.

Barazi added that the fires which were close to the residential areas were completely extinguished over the first hours, adding that there are no human causalities, and the damage was only material.

He asserted that all the firefighting teams are in a state of alarm, indicating that the maintenance workshops will work on assessing and fixing all the damages, particularly in the electricity .

In the same context, Lattakia Governor, Ibrahim Khudir al-Salem said that all the fire engines and the state institutions have participated in extinguishing the fires, and fire engines were sent from the provinces of Tartous and Hama to Lattakia to participate in extinguishing the fires.

Al-Salem added that 40 fires erupted in different areas in Lattakia province on Monday, and fire engines were sent from Damascus and Damascus Countryside to Lattakia to help fight the fires in Lattakia.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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