Supported by US air force, QSD militias loot properties, kidnap citizens in al-Jazeera

Deir Ezzor, SANA-With an air support by US occupation forces, acts of abduction, looting and storming houses mounted by QSD separatist militias in areas they seize in the eastern Syrian region of al-Jazeera.

Local sources said the warplanes of US coalition made and airdrop with 5 Apache helicopters and an F-16 in addition to tens of QSD militia members on the outskirts of Ziban town in Deir Ezzor south-eastern countryside synchronizing with campaigns of storming houses.

The operations caused the killing of two civilians and arresting many others.

Meanwhile, sources in Raqqa reported the continuation of abduction acts and storming houses by armed members of QSD who kidnapped 10 young men inside the city markets.

The separatist militias also seized 12 cars in Raqqa and its countryside.

Mazen Eyon



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