Grospic: Turkish-US agreement on so-called “safe zone” in Syria a criminal act

Prague, SANA- Head of the Czech Parliamentary Group for Friendship with Syria Stanislav Grospic affirmed that the Turkish-US agreement on establishing the so-called “Safe Zone” in Syria is a criminal and abnormal act, adding that Washington and Ankara don’t have any right to threaten Syria’s territorial integrity.

Grospic, in a statement to SANA reporter on Monday, noted that the Turkish and the US presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate and unjustified under any pretext and they don’t’ have any right to threaten Syria’s territorial integrity or to decide the issues on behalf of the Syrian people or to carry out any operation on the Syrian territories without the acceptance of the Syrian Government.

Grospic added that the Turkish and the US occupations are involved also in supporting terrorism in Syria and thereby they are responsible for prolonging the crisis in the country.

He indicated that the Syrian people deserve to enjoy peace and to go ahead in the reconstruction process and they don’t need the Turks or the Americans in that.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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