Czech website: Apamea one of most important Roman archeological sites in Syria

Prague, SANA- Czech Kam Se Vydat website which is specialized in tourism affirmed that Apamea archeological city is considered as one of the most important Roman archeological monuments in Syria.

In a photo report that included 23 photos talked about Apamea archeological site which embraces a 2km –long main street called ” Great Colonnade” on the sides of which one can see ancient columns which were ornamented in a unique way.

It added that these columns along with the rest of the ruins in the city seem to be a kind of imaginary world according to the area in which they had been built in the basin of the Orontes River, describing the atmosphere in the area as charming.

The website said in its report that Apamea City has been famous and well-known from a very long time, yet it started to deteriorate in the 6th century AD as it was hit by an earthquake which led to destroying a part of the city, and it was sabotaged during the times of the crusader campaigns.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian archeological city of Apamea is located 60 km to the northwest of Hama city and it embraces archeological edifices that date back to the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine  and Islamic eras.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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