Update-Fourteen civilians including two children martyred in terrorist rocket attacks in Hama and Aleppo

Hama, Aleppo, SANA – Seven civilians including two girls children were martyred and several others were injured on Monday in terrorist rocket attacks on Naour Jourin village and al-Suqailabiya town in Hama’s countryside.

SANA’s reporter in Hama said that terrorists located in the de-escalation zone in Idleb fired a number of rockets on Naour Jourin village in Hama’s northwestern countryside, and one of the rockets hit a vehicle which led to the martyrdom of 7 civilians including two children, in addition to injuring a number of civilians.

Earlier in the day, SANA’s reporter said terrorists located in the towns of al-Habbit in Idleb’s southern countryside and Kafr Zeta in Hama’s northern countryside fired rockets at residential neighborhoods in al-Suqailabiya town in Hama’s northern countryside, inflicting wounds of varying severity on four civilians including a child, and causing damage to houses and shops.

A source at al-Suqailabiya Hospital told the reporter that four civilians have been admitted to the hospital with shrapnel injuries, and they received the necessary treatment.

Syrian Arab Army units operating in Hama countryside retaliated, destroying a number of rocket launchers and killing a number of terrorists in al-Habbit and Kafr Zeta.


Meanwhile, seven civilians were martyred and many others wounded in an attack by terrorist groups with rocket shells and explosive bullets on residential neighborhoods in al-Hamadaniyah and Jamiliyah in Aleppo.

A police source told SANA that terrorist groups, positioned in al-Rashideen area to the west of Aleppo, targeted al-Hamadaniyah and Jamiliyah neighborhoods with rocket shells and explosive bullets at rush hour time, killing seven civilians and injuring many others and causing material damage and fires to properties and cars.

Hazem Sabbagh/Mazen

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