Umakhanov, Hadad underline necessity of eliminating terrorism in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Deputy Speaker of the Russian Federation Council  Iliyas Umakhanov discussed with Syria’s Ambassador to Russia Dr. Ryiad Hadad the situations in Syria and the latest developments of the war against terrorism.

During the meeting which was held at headquarters of the Russian Federation Council, both sides underlined the necessity of continuing to combat terrorism in Syria till eradicating it completely.

They affirmed that solving the crisis will be only by the Syrians themselves according to the outcomes of Sochi conference for the intra-Syrian national dialogue and Astana agreements and the UN Security Council’s resolution no. 2254.

Umakhanov and Hadad hailed the deep-rooted relations of friendship and cooperation between Syria and Russia in all domains including the parliamentary one.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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