General strike in occupied Syrian Golan in rejection of Israeli schemes, practices

Quneitra, SANA_ People of occupied Syrian Golan on Tuesday began a general strike in rejection and denunciation of the new expansionist settlement plans of the Israeli occupation entity on their agricultural lands.

In a telephone conversation with SANA reporter in Quneitra, the freed captive Sheikh Suleiman al-Maqt said that the general strike includes all public life facilities in addition to the closure of shops and schools.

The people will gather in Majdal Shams town and embark on a march to the lands where the occupation authorities intend to install water turbines to prevent them from doing that, he dded.

The residents will then go to the barbed wire fence east of Majdal Shams for staging a sit-in in rejection of all new settlement plans on their land, the last of which was the establishment of a settlement named after US President Donald Trump .

This plan represents a great danger to the people of the occupied Golan because of its negative effects on health, especially on those whose homes are located near the turbines.

Installing the water turbines in the orchards will reduce the cultivated areas.

This will be an additional pretext for the occupation authorities to steal more than 6,000 dunums owned by the people of Majdal Shams, Mas’ada, Buq’atha and Ein Qanya villages and displace the population from their homes and lands.

Earlier, the people of the occupied Syrian Golan confirmed that the holding of a meeting for the Israeli occupation government in the Golan and the naming of a settlement after US President Donald Trump are invalid procedures and violate the international laws and the UN Charter .

Since the occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan, the Israeli occupation authorities have systematically looted its natural and agricultural resources through hundreds of arbitrary and aggressive schemes and practices against people, land and history of the occupied Syrian Golan.


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