Syrian children convey a message of peace through Colors for Peace Exhibition, Albania

Tirana, SANA- Syrian children have conveyed a message of peace , amity and values to all countries of the world through their participation in an a painting exhibition organized Saturday in Albania by “Colors for Peace” Organization.

The children’s participation came in completion of the project “Colors and Ideas for Peace to Syria” launched by Education Ministry in 2017 in cooperation with “Alef Noun Gallery” in framework of encouraging the artistic movement and spreading positive energy among children in all schools.

The topics chosen by the participating children through their paintings embody the meanings of love and peace at the schools and the priority of the homeland in children’s life.

The participating paintings which are about 15 also reflected how much the life of children has been affected by the war waged against their country and how much pain it has left, in addition to shedding light on the courageous Syrian Arab soldiers and the national flag.

“Art is a human culture that unifies humankind and upgrade it through consolidating the values of right, goodness and beauty and building bridges of friendship among cultures,” Director of “Alef Noun” Gallery Badi’a Jahjah told SANA.

The project started in Syria with a competition for paintings in which students from different age groups participated as a bunch of paintings had been selected to participate in the current exhibition which showcases artworks for children from 86 states, according to Jahjah.

He considered that holding the exhibition in Albania which is the homeland of Mother Teresa reflects the message of the exhibition which is represented in spreading tolerance and peace.

The winning paintings at the exhibition will be selected by representatives of “Colors for Peace” Organization who include artist Jahjah from Syria, artist Obeid Khamis al-Sweidi from the United Arab Emirates, and from Argentina Marianna Torchio and Pablo Sanchez and others.

Head of the Organization Antonio Gianelli said in a similar statement “We decided to convey the voice of children through their paintings which seek for consolidating peace and supporting it in different parts of the world through ambassadors of colors.”

Ruaa Jazaeri

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