Tourist group of different nationalities visits Palmyra archeological city

Palmyra, SANA-A tourist group of different nationalities on Sunday visited Palmyra archeological city to inspect its reality and the damages inflicted upon its historical and archeological monuments due to the attacks launched by terrorist groups before were crushed by the Syrian Arab Army.

The tourist group visited Ba’al Temple, Arch of Triumph, the Great Colonnade, the archeological amphitheater and Palmyra National Museum.

Farida, an engineer from India holding a British nationality, said in a statement to SANA “What have been done at the hands of the enemies of history and culture who destroyed the most important deep-rooted archeological landmarks in Palmyra is a shame on all humanity.”

She expressed appreciation of the art and the unique architectural style in Palmyra, in addition to the beautiful nature of the city which will remain deep in her memory for ever.

Meanwhile, Caroline, a retired Irishwomen , expressed pride for visiting Palmyra amid an atmosphere of peace and security on the long desert roads which she passed through in her way to the archeological city.

She expressed admiration of Palmyra’s historical monuments, voicing deep sorrow over the destruction which some cultural sites went through at the hands of the enemies of humanity.

Declan, a retired  Irishman, hailed the hospitality of the Syrian people, affirming that Palmyra City whose archeological monuments were destroyed at the hands of the enemies of culture who have a black mentality, will restore its glory again cause whoever read history knows that Palmyra have remained steadfast in the face of invaders.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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