Moscow Conference on International Security to discuss global stability, reconstruction in Syria

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Ministry of Defense declared that The eighth Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) will focus mainly on issues related to the regional and international stability and the reconstruction in Syria.

The Ministry said in a statement that “This year’s edition of the conference will be mainly devoted to discussing issues related to the international and regional stability, and the reconstruction in Syria and Iraq, in addition to issues related to peacekeeping and the military cooperation.”

“Moreover, the conference will focus on the expansion of security cooperation in Asia, Africa and Latin America,” the statement added.

The statement noted that the number of the participants in the annual event  is more than one thousand including ministers of defense, their deputies and chiefs of defense and delegations from the defense ministries, as well as military experts from 111 states, in addition to  representatives of international and non-governmental organizations.

The MCIS will last for three days with the participation of delegations and defense ministers from different countries across the world, and it will focus on the latest developments of the situations in the Middle East, in addition to the prospects of realizing peace and security in the world.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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