Assistant FM: EU must be objective about events in Syria

Damascus, SANA – Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Sousan met with a delegation from the Association of Syrian Expatriates in Belgium and Luxemburg headed by its chairman Antoine Serkis, briefing them on the aggression targeting Syria.

Sousan said that by confronting terrorism, Syria is defending all of humanity, asserting that Syrians are determined to emerge victorious and preserve their sovereignty and independent decision-making.

He also stressed that the European Union must be objective regarding what is happening in Syria and stop “paying the bills of the erroneous policies of the U.S. administration, a role which doesn’t fit the EU and contradicts the values it calls for.”

For their part, the delegation members voiced support for Syria in the face of the war waged on it, saying that they will spare no effort to reveal the truth of what is happening in Syria to the public opinion in their countries, noting that there’s a shift in the western attitude towards the events in Syria as Europe is becoming more aware of the growing threat of terrorism.

Hazem Sabbagh

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