Syria again condemns US, French and British attacks and policies that endanger int’l peace and security

Damascus, SANA-Syria has confirmed that regimes of the United States, Britain and France have encouraged terrorist organizations to use toxic chemical materials in Khan Sheikhoun, Douma, Aleppo and al-Raseef village, north of Hama city.

It is no longer a secret, an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said, that these countries encouraged terrorist organizations to use toxic chemical materials in Khan Sheikhoun, Douma, Aleppo and recently in the village of al-Raseef north of Hama.

In a statement to SANA Saturday, the source stressed that the statements issued by these countries are intended to cover future chemical weapons use planned by these criminal parties.

The Foreign ministers of regimes of the US, Britain and France are continuing their cheap propaganda and their falling policies to dispel suspicions regarding the support provided by them to their terrorist tools, which have been used to kill and wreak havoc  in Syria for achieving these states’ goals in dominating the Arab region and subjugating it to their colonial policies, the source said.

Weapons and large sums of money provided by these states to the terrorist groups, the source added, including millions of dollars, which have recently been provided to the so called “White Helmets” organization, the main arm of all crimes of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, are the biggest proof on the blatant lying practiced by these countries and  their foreign ministers.

The source stressed that these countries, which used chemical weapons in their former colonies and against peoples who fought for their freedom, sovereignty and independence, have no moral capacity to accuse the Syrian Arab Republic of doing that .

Using the white phosphorous by the US to kill civilians in Deir Ezzor province and destroy Syria’s cities and villages, including Raqqa city, on the heads of civilians posed the biggest evidence on the shameful behavior of these countries, according to the source.

The source stressed that Syria’s accession to the  Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and fulfilling all its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention were the decisive proof on the credibility of the Syrian approach, which categorically rejects the use of chemical weapons anywhere, anytime and under any circumstance.

Syria reiterates condemnation of the US, France and Britain’s assaults and threats aimed at undermining objectives of the OPCW, and exploiting it for realizing their despicable interests through false claims which experience has proven that they endanger international peace and security, and also threaten the international order created by the States after the Second World War to rescue  generations from the hell of wars, the source concluded.


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