Three mass graves seen in satellite images at the wall of al-Rukban Camp in US-occupied al-Tanf

Moscow, SANA –Three mass graves were found in the area adjacent to points that are supposed to be for distributing water to al-Rukban Camp, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.
Satellite images showed bodies of some 300 people as the number is probably higher as each grave could contain more than one body.
Washington refuses to give guarantees for securing the movement of the humanitarian convoys in al-Tanf area where the US forces and mercenaries working for Washington are spread, as proved by the Syrian-Russian Coordination Authorities for the return of the Syrian Refugees in a statement.
The Authorities said that the destructive actions of the USA would lead to increasing the number of victims and double the suffering of the Syrians detained by force in the occupied al-Tanf area.
The two authorities called upon the UN and the USA to reconsider their stances on the need for the al-Rukban Camp, asserting that the catastrophic situation of the Camp residents makes it a must to take the required procedures for evacuating the detainees to their original residential places where the Syrian state has provided all the requirements.
Rasha Milhem

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