Monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” kicks off in Homs

Homs, SANA_  The 82nd round of monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” kicked off on Monday evening at Sports Hall of Martyr Ghazwan Abu Zeid in Homs with the participation of 130 national companies.

Industrialists participants continue to offer discounts and special offers ranging from 20 to 50 % on all their products with maintaining the good quality.

The festival, which has been held since the beginning of 2015, has succeeded in contributing to reducing prices through the positive intervention in the market

It presents good quality products and goods directly from the producer to consumer at competitive and affordable prices to meet citizens’ needs.

The festival exhibits a wide range of local industries and hand- made products  including food, cosmetics, stationery, plastic products, detergents, perfumes and textiles.

It is distinguished with the wide participation of the private industrial sector side by side with the public establishments.

The festival is organized by Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry in cooperation with Homs Chamber of Industry.

Gh.A. Hassoun

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