1st edition of Syrian Plastic Art Days,  panoramic vision on state of contemporary plastic art in Syria

Damascus,  SANA_  The 1st edition of the “Syrian Plastic Art Days” festivity, which  kicked off at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts on Wednesday evening,  aims at providing a panoramic vision on the state of contemporary plastic art in Syria.

The festivity includes a special ceremony to honor prominent artists, collective exhibitions and  artistic workshops that will be organized in Damascus and across the Syrian provinces.

A documentary film narrating the development of plastic art in Syria since the very beginning and its pioneers was displayed at the opening ceremony, in addition  to honoring  a number of prominent artists, some of whom passed away,  including  sculptor Nizar Alloush, photographer Nazir Ismael and the art critic Abdul Aziz Alloun,  and other rising artists whose  contributions and experiences have been enriching the plastic art movement in Syria throughout the years, such as Wahid Magharbeh,  Ihsab Eintabi and Nashaat al-Zoubi.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Mohammed al-Ahmed, briefed the audience on what Syria has been experiencing during the war and the destruction of its ancient civilization, heritage and culture inflicted by the absurdity of the obscurantist terrorism.

For his part, Head of Fine Arts Directorate at Ministry  of Culture, Imad Kasehot, said that this festivity is just the starting point for holding other major events that would improve the plastic art in Syria such as Damascus Biennale which aims to strengthen communications between Syrian artists and their contributions to the flourishing art scene in the country.

An art exhibition showcasing 32 artworks by art pioneers which represent a variety of schools and styles and tackle differ themes varying between nature, ancient Damascene houses, woman and heritage was also opened as part of the inauguration.

Several solo and group exhibitions were organized in Aleppo, Lattakia and Sweida as part of the festivity inauguration.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun


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