Al-Nusra terrorists deploy 50 missiles modified by French experts to carry chemical payloads in Idleb

Idleb, SANA – Shortly after targeting Aleppo’s residential neighborhoods with shells containing toxic gases, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization deployed around 50 missiles carrying toxic chemicals in several areas in Idleb and its countryside.

In a report published on Sunday, Russia’s Sputnik news agency quoted local sources as saying that al-Nsura terrorists transported around 50 missiles at dawn on Sunday after they were modified by French experts in a location near Idleb Central Prison to carry chlorine payloads.

The sources said the missiles were transported in five batches and distributed among terror groups in Idleb’s southeastern countryside; 10 missiles were sent to “Ajnad al-Kavkaz” terror group in Tal al-Sultan area, 10 were sent to “Jaish al-Izza” terror group in Kafrzita town 38 km northwest of Hama city, 10 were sent to “Huras al-Deen” terror group which swore allegiance to Al Qaida in the town of Morek 30 km north of Hama, in addition to two other batches sent to the “Turkistani Party” terrorists and other unknown destinations.

Earlier today, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that there is evidence of terrorists preparing to carry out another chemical attack in Syria from Idleb.

Sources also said that “White Helmets” members transported on Wednesday morning five containers full of toxic substances from a warehouse belonging to al-Nusra to an underground warehouse that had been dug recently near Idleb Central Prison, and there the containers were handed over to French experts who used them to modify missiles of unknown make and model that had been transported across the Turkish borders recently to carry chemical payloads.

Terrorists located in Aleppo countryside on Saturday fired shells containing toxic gases at al-Khalidiye, al-Neel street, and Jamiet al-Zahraa neighborhoods in Aleppo city, causing civilians to suffer from asphyxiation.

Hazem Sabbagh

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