Egyptian politician: Syria will win battle of reconstruction as it won in its fight against terrorism

Cairo, SANA _ Head of the Generation Egyptian Party Naji al-Shehabi has said that Syria will win the battle of building and reconstruction as it won in its fight against terrorism.

“The Syrian people will succeed in the reconstruction of their homeland as they have succeeded in their fight against terrorism,  triumphed over it and preserved their homeland,” al-Shehabi said in a statement to SANA reporter in Cairo on Monday.

He emphasized that Syria, by efforts of it sons, will be the example that will dazzle the world in reconstruction.

The Egyptian politician stressed that the Syrian people are the only ones who will decide the future of their country.

“ All external interventions is a Western-Zionist attempt to undermine Syria’s unity and independence, but this attempt is doomed to failure thanks to the vigilance and steadfastness of its people.” Al-Shehabi concluded.


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