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SANA camera tours liberated villages and towns in al-Yarmouk basin, Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA- The Syrian army’s engineering units have completed canvassing the liberated villages and towns of al-Yarmouk basin and cleared them of terrorists’ remnants so as to pave way for the return of locals to their houses and daily life activities.

SANA camera toured on Thursday the liberated villages, towns and strategic hills in al-Yarmouk basin as well as al-Wahdeh Dam on the Syrian-Jordanian borders and accompanied the army’s engineering units in canvassing operations to secure these areas.


The massive destruction caused by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists backed by the Zionist enemy was impressive and the organization’s fortifications in al-Shajara town and the villages of al-Qseir, Abdeen, Ma’araba, Koya and Beit Ara revealed their schemes in turning these areas into hot battlefield in order to deplete the Syrian army and secure the borderline with the occupied Golan serving Israeli entity’s interests.

A number of locals expressed relief over the liberation of their villages and towns by the Syrian Arab Army putting an end to several years of suffering and pain due to Daesh terrorists’ practices.

Army units on Wednesday established control over al-Qseir village, Daesh’s last stronghold in Daraa.

Shaza/Rasha Raslan

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