Haidar stresses Syria’s commitment to the tracks of fighting terrorism and local reconciliations to end crisis in Syria

Damascus, SANA- State Minister of National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar stressed the Syrian Government’s commitment to the two tracks of fighting terrorism and the local reconciliations project for putting an end to the crisis in Syria and reaching a Syrian national dialogue far from any foreign interference.

Haidar made his remarks during a meeting with an Italian parliamentary delegation to the EU General Assembly, headed by Paolo Romani on Wednesday.

Haidar added that the western countries’ misleading media campaign failed to achieve its goals, but contributed to spreading terrorism and creating adequate climate for it .

The Minister reiterated that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies against terrorism, the latest of which was lifting the siege on Deir Ezzor city, will push the political settlement towards maturity.

He pointed out the necessity for the EU Parliaments to stand by the interests of their people, calling upon those parliaments to coordinate and communicate with the countries which are fighting terrorism.

For their part, members of the Italian delegation appreciated the local reconciliations project and its positive outcomes in consolidating security and preparing suitable climates for the return of the displaced people to many areas across the country.

Haidar said in a statement to reporters following the meeting that the visit of foreign European delegations from the countries whose governments severed their relations with Syria is an important factor which we should benefit from in conveying the fact of what is going on in Syria to the European people as they are directly concerned with the crisis in Syria, particularly following the terrorist attacks which targeted a number of their cities in the past two years.

In a similar statement, head of the Italian delegation Romani stressed importance of conveying the reality of what is going on in Syria, saying that we came to Syria to understand the reality of the situation in it, hold meetings with the Syrian government and convey the true image to the Italian public opinion.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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