Life returns to plastic art galleries in Syria

Damascus, SANA – In a step that opened the door wide for plastic artists to display their artistic items, Artist Anas Nassar has organized a joint exhibition at his new gallery “Nassar Art” that embraces various works of drawing and sculpture produced by more than forty artists.

As Old Damascus has always attracted artists regardless of their trends, and has always been the source of inspiration in their artistic works, Nassar chose an ancient Damascene house to be the location of his gallery.

The gallery exhibits artistic items of young artists who found it a haven to exhibit their works in the current crisis in Syria which forced most of the private galleries to stop their activities.


“Opening the gallery in the current circumstances is considered a great challenge,” Nassar told SANA, adding that despite of difficulties, he is confident that the Syrian people are throbbing with life and they deserve to enjoy artistic and cultural sides of life.

The gallery of Nassar Art contains a number of chambers, the Liwan ” long narrow-fronted hall or vaulted portal that is often open to the outside” and ancient stones and plants.

Experienced artist Ghazi Ana, who participates in the exhibition with two sculptures made of natural stones, says that the exhibition endows young artists with a great chance to show their artistic pieces.

Ana added that the artists participating in the exhibition show a great talent through their exhibits, saying “I am always optimistic regarding the movement of plastic art in Syria as the Syrian artists have proved their presence not only at the regional level, but also at the international one .”

He called upon the artists whose circumstances forced them to travel outside the country to return to the homeland which deserves to embrace their talents.


Young artist Mahmoud Dawood, who graduated in 2011, is participating in the exhibition with ten small items focusing on the relation between human and animals through using the acrylic on papers.

Dawood says” The plastic art must be revived and we should stand in the face of all the attempts to undermine it,” wishing that the cultural movement will return to its former glory.

He affirmed that such activities are able to get the Syrian people out of the crisis, adding that the exhibition is a first step towards holding more artistic activities in the future.

Young artist Aram Sa’ad says “We reject to be subjected to the culture of death as we still have hope which makes our life continue …Our artistic items come in response to the culture of destruction and killing as we search for anything that makes our life continue…”

Artist Aram is participating in the exhibition with seven pictures of small seize that portray the faces’ expressions using the acrylic and inks.

gallery 3

Art connoisseur, actor Faeq Eriqsousi considered that “The exhibition is a pioneer and significant step that makes us feel of the young generation’s innovation and how much they are eager to live a normal life despite of all the ordeals and grieve.”

Eriqsousi indicated that the exhibition, through the diversity of artistic works displayed in it, represents a social and cultural case which stresses that the Syrian people are greater than the current circumstances.

Musical pieces played by “Huraa” Band accompanied the opening of the exhibition ,which lasts till August 30th ,along with songs sung by young artist Malek Krigo.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun Abu Hassoun

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