Iran’s parliament speaker: Terrorist organizations are destroying every living thing in Syria and Iraq

Tehran, SANA – Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani said the takfiri terrorist organizations are committing criminal and terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq in the name of Islam.

Larijani was addressing the opening session of the 17th Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians’ Conference on Environment and Development (APPCED),  currently held in Tehran.

The meeting, in which Syria is taking part, seeks joint measures to deal with environment concerns and address the dangers of wars and the acts of  the terrorist organizations on environment in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Iranian Parliament’s Speaker urged all countries to condemn what he described as “a human tragedy” that is manifested in the killing of people and the destruction of every living thing at the hands of the terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

He called for putting all efforts to prevent “the disasters” caused to the environment by those terrorist organizations.

Larijani strongly decried the barbaric Israeli shelling against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which he said is tantamount to the destructive force of six atomic bombs.

He lashed out at the international community’s complacent silence on the “genocide” taking place in Gaza, where over 2000 Palestinian civilians, mostly women, children and elderly people, have been killed.

He also highlighted the massive destruction of the infrastructure and houses and the environmental sabotage in Gaza inflicted by the Israeli war machine, dismissing the sabotage of environment as “a crime against the entire world”.

Haifa Said

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