Terrorists’ crimes affirm the reality of the West governments’ tolerance with mercenaries

Damascus, SANA- Videotapes which screen terrorists from European nationalities who belong to US and Gulf-backed terrorist organizations form a new evidence that these organizations depend on the West youths to fight along with them, a matter which reminds us of the western governments’ tolerance with those terrorists.     

The British accent of the terrorist who beheaded the American journalist James Foley as showed in the videotape has revealed the real role of the British terrorists who belong to the so-called organization “the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham” ISIS, sending an alarm in Europe in general and in Britain in particular of the mounting danger represented by this organization against Europe’s security and interests.

Instead of taking decisive measures to prevent extremists from travelling to the region, the UK government was only satisfied with inquiring about the reasons which pushed its citizens to join the ISIS in Iraq and Syria, without banning the propagandas marketed by the terrorist organizations on social websites and in Britain to encourage its citizens and the British nationals to join them, making use of the incentives offered by the British government.

Researcher at the Royal United Services Institute Afzal Ashraf pointed out that the majority of westerners who belong to terrorist organizations are criminals and thieves who have become extremists in jails.

For his part, researcher at The International Center for Studies in London, Shezar Maher, affirmed that the Britons who have decided to join terrorist organizations have one concept, mainly to be in the front lines in any conflict, not to have a minor role.

A number of western mass media intend to turn a blind eye to the governments of their countries which facilitate departure of terrorists into the region in case they will never return to these countries.

British estimations indicate that between 400 to 500 Britons have travelled to Syria and Iraq since two years to fight along with ISIS at a time when British citizens and their government are intimidated of the dangers of committing terrorist acts on the UK territories.

In spite of the horrific videotapes published by terrorists on websites which violate human rights, the Western governments, on top Britain and the US, still ignore the necessity of cooperating with governments of the region to combat terrorism.

Mazen Eyon

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