Army advances towards Atman in Daraa province, terrorists start panicking and exchanging accusations

Daraa, SANA -As the Syrian Arab Army makes steady progress in the town of Atman in Daraa countryside, the delusions of the terrorists who though that the town would serve as their gateway into Daraa city begin to fade away.

A field commander told SANA’s correspondent that the movements in terrorists in Atman are within the range of the army’s weapons, meaning that the town is as good as taken.

The field commander said the army carried out surprise operations by dozens of soldiers, who managed to move in and take out terrorist hideouts swiftly, with army units expanding their deployment around the time and establishing full surveillance over it.

He said that the most important achievement was seizing al-Ghizlan farm and destroying terrorist hideouts to the east of it in al-Manasher area, resulting in the death of many terrorists, as well as controlling al-Bitar farm.

“This allowed army units to close in on terrorists in Atman, establishing 90% of a full perimeter around it, with only one kilometer left for the army to establish a full perimeter,” he explained.

The commander said that army units are now deployed 1,500 meters north of the town of al-Yadouda, and that the army controls all supply routes, preventing all attempts by terrorists to sneak form one area to another or send ammo or personnel to the terrorists in Atman.

He pointed out that the recent terrorist attacks by terrorists on army points in Atman which came after terrorist groups announced an operation to cut off supplies from Daraa city backfired on them as the Syrian Army made progress in terms of tactics, repelling these attacks and inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists, noting that before the aforementioned announcement, the terrorist groups had announce an operation to enter Daraa city, which also failed.

The commander noted that the progress made by the army in the area caused terrorist leaders in Atman to begin slinging accusations as each other, calling each other traitors and relocating their hideouts to the town of al-Yadouda which is used to transport terrorists and weapons to Atman.

He added that these disputes among terrorists are accompanied by a “severe state of panic in their ranks after the Army and Armed Forces shocked them with its swift advance that reached their most fortified hideouts.” It was over a year ago that terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra forced the 13,000 people who lived in Atman to flee their home, rendering them homeless and displaced, contrary to the terrorists’ claims that they’re “defending” locals.

Before the coming of terrorists, Atman was an important economic town bustling with activity, particularly activities related to construction materials, transport, and agriculture, and now the Syrian Arab Army is on its way to restore security and stability to the town, and after it all of Daraa and Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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