Borodavkin: The delivery of humanitarian aid to Douma area proves Syrian and Russian keenness to have Astana 4 meeting succeed

Geneva, SANA- Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin affirmed that the arrival of humanitarian aid convoy to Douma area in Eastern Ghouta confirms the keenness of the Syrian government and Russia on the success of Astana 4 meeting.

“The delivery of humanitarian aid to the region held by the armed groups, on the eve of the international meeting on Syria in Astana, convincingly demonstrates the sincere interest of Russia and the Syrian Government in the success of the Astana talks, and the readiness for even unilateral measures to restore confidence,” Borodavkin said in a statement to Sputnik Russian news agency.

He added that the Russian diplomats and military personnel from the very beginning of the preparation of the humanitarian operation had been working out every detail of the delivery together with their colleagues from the UN, calling on the armed groups and their sponsors to facilitate the work of humanitarian agencies in Syria rather than pre-conditions.

On Tuesday, an aid convoy consists of 51 trucks entered the city of Douma in coordination between the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the UN.


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