Government delegation inspects a number of vital facilities in Damascus and its Countryside

Damascus, SANA-On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, A government delegation headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis visited a craft facility for textile industries and ready-made clothes in Kafar Souseh area in Damascus.

Khaims congratulated the workers on the International Workers’ Day and listened to a detailed explanation by them on the work conditions and the governmental measures to activate the production process, pointing out that the government has provided all necessary services and infrastructure for the return of the industrialists to industrial cities.

He stressed the necessity of the participation of all national industrial and commercial figures at Damascus International Fair and to invest this opportunity in promoting national products.

The delegation also visited al-Dimas power station in Damascus countryside, hailing the efforts and sacrifices of the workers of the power sector during the terrorist war.

” We have come here to convey the congratulations of President Bashar al-Assad to the Syrian workers who, during the war against their country, proved to be an example for the workers of the world and a supporter for the Syrian Arab brave army in the face of the unjust war targeting their country, ” Khamis said.

He stressed that the Syrians will continue to defend their country and build its institutions, regardless of plots and circumstances.

Khamis pointed out that marking May Day is a strong message that the worker is the main basis in any country in the world.

The delegation toured the city of Adra, inspected Adra Cement Factory and allocated an additional SYP 500 million for the rehabilitation of houses affected by terrorism in the city.


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