Updated-Information Minister: Creating conditions for reconstruction with the help of friendly countries

Damascus, SANA -Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman affirmed during his meeting with a delegation from the Chinese-Arab Friendship Association (CAFA) the importance of enhancing and developing relations between Syria and China on all levels, especially media relations.

He pointed out that Syrian-Chinese relations are deep and in continuous development, adding that the Syrian government is working to create conditions for the reconstruction phase and to rebuild Syria with the help of friendly countries, particularly China.

“We are confident of your support for Syria and its doors are always open to you,” the minister said, adding that since the beginning of the crisis, major media empires supported and financed by the United States and regional and Arab countries launched a fierce media offensive on Syria to cover up the reality of what is happening in it.

In turn, the head of the delegation said that their visit to Syria aims to learn about the reality of the situation in order to encourage Chinese companies interested in investment and reconstruction to enter the Syrian markets, describing Syria as a “partner, friend, and strategic ally” of China.

He reiterated his country’s continued support for Syria and said that the trade exchange between the two friendly countries was slightly affected at the beginning of the crisis in Syria, but this has never affected the development of Chinese-Syrian relations, pointing out that the crisis in Syria is at the “beginning of the end” stage and that direct communication between Chinese companies and the Syrian side in the reconstruction phase should be accelerated.

He also said that the launching of Damascus International Fair soon is a very positive sign that Syria has started the reconstruction phase, adding that there are plans to hold an exhibition in the Chinese capital of Beijing in the next few months with the participation of a number of Syrian and Chinese companies with the aim of giving Chinese companies a better understanding of Syria’s needs.

Information Minister: US aggression on Syria depends on fabricated play

In the same context, Information Minister said that the Takfiri terrorism and misleading media, to which Syria is exposed, aim at distorting the historical values of country and turning it into conflicting entities.

The Minister, meeting a media solidarity delegation, sponsored by Australian Social Justice Network, briefed the delegation on videotapes which refute the Allegations circulated by western media outlets on the situations in Syria.

He affirmed that the US aggression on Syria has depended on a fabricated play about allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Khan Shaikhoun.

For his part, Head of the delegation Jamal Daoud said their visit aims convey the reality of the situation in Syria and to show support and solidarity the Syrian people.
The delegation comprises 13 journalists from the United States, Australia and 8 European countries.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh/Shaza/Mazen

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