Updated-Army enters Palmyra city, establishes control over its Citadel

Provinces, SANA-Army and Armed Forces units continued on Thursday targeting terrorist organizations, establishing control  over new areas and killing scores of terrorists.


Army units establish control over the archaeological Citadel of (Tadmur) Palmyra, the Communications Hill to the west of Palmyra city and the Dedeman Palmyra to the south of the city after inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists.

Earlier, the Syrian army has entered Tadmur (Palmyra) city and chased the remaining ISIS terrorists, who suffered a major setback and fled towards al-Bayarat al-Sharqiyeh.

SANA reporter in Homs said that the army units entered the outskirts of Palmyra city from several directions and have carried out accurate tactical operations to eliminate the remaining ISIS terrorists who are fortified in it.

The reporter added the advance of the army units within the city is slow and cautious to prevent causalities among their ranks that might be caused by to sniper rifle firing and blasts of explosive devices and car bombs planted by ISIS terrorists in the area.

While the army is hunting down terrorists fleeing towards al-Bayarat al-Sharqiyeh, the engineering units have embarked on combing the area and dismantling the IEDs to avoid casualties and damage to archeological sites in Palmyra.

The army units operating in eastern countryside of Homs province established full control over al-Tar strategic mountain overlooking Palmyra city.

A military source told SANA reporter that the army units carried out military operations against the ISIS terrorists’ gatherings and fortifications in the western countryside of Palmyra city; establishing full control over al-Tar strategic mountain overlooking Palmyra city after inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist organization in personnel and equipment.

The source added that the army operations resulted in tightening control over the Qatari palace, asserting that the army units are pursuing ISIS terrorists in the region.

The army units advanced on the direction of Palmyra as the army engineering units dismantled the explosives and mines planted by the ISIS terrorists in the area.

Deir Ezzor

Army units engaged in heavy clashes with terrorist groups affiliated to ISIS terrorist organization in al-Ummal and al-Rashidiya neighborhoods in the city of Deir Ezzor.

SANA reporter in the province said that a number of terrorists were killed as their vehicles and amounts of ammunition were destroyed.

Local sources confirmed the killing of terrorist Abu Jolaibyib al-Yamani in al-Bo Kamal city by unknown persons and the burning of a car belonging to ISIS organization in al-Fayhaa Square near the city.

Meanwhile, SANA reporter said that ISIS terrorists shelled on Wednesday evening the residential neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor, causing material damage to public and private properties.

Damascus countryside

An army unit seized a 220 m long, 2 m high and 1 m wide tunnel for Jabhat al-Nusra in Harasta area in the countryside of Damascus which the terrorists tried to use to launch attacks on a military point, according to the military source.

After combing the tunnel, the army unit used it to destroy several sites for the terrorists, leaving many of them killed as a result.

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