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February, 2021

  • 17 February

    Normal life returns to Deir Baallbah neighborhood in Homs with return of the displaced

  • 17 February

    Al-Rastan City in Homs northern country

  • 15 February

    Army air defenses repel an Israeli aggression on surroundings of Damascus

  • 13 February

    Arab merchants: Syrian clothes compete foreign productions in quality and price

  • 12 February

    Syria receives first batch of humanitarian aid shipment offered by India

  • 12 February

    More than 360 companies participate in “Made in Syria” exhibition for textiles and clothes

  • 10 February

    Plastic exhibition in Khan Asaad Pasha for art trainers at education departments

  • 8 February

    Fourth exhibition of Arabic calligraphy inaugurated at al-Assad Gallery of Fine Arts in Aleppo

  • 8 February

    Al-Auda valley in Majdal Shams narrates chapters of the history of rejecting division

  • 7 February

    Weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorists found in Daraa countryside