PM inspects goods availability and prices at centers in Damascus

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi toured Thursday a number of foodstuff and other items markets and centers in Damascus to inspect goods availability and prices.

The Premier said the government is working, through the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, to maintain the flow of commodities and food stuff in markets and reduce prices so that to make them available for all citizens.

Speaking to the reporters, al-Halqi said a 30 to 40 % price drop that has been noticed at the “positive intervention centers” run by the state, compared to the prices outside these centers, indicates a positive sign.

PM tour in markets8

He considered that this good sign is further consolidated by the uninterrupted availability and flow of goods, with both providing an evidence on economic recovery.

The Premier reiterated in his statements to the reporters the government’s unabated keenness to secure all needs and requirements that help the Syrian people to continue holding their ground and overcome the crisis they have going through for more than three years now.

H. Said

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