Invasion of Iraq a disgrace in history of US and its Western allies

Damascus, SANA-The US and Britain carried out a military invasion to occupy Iraq and plunder its resources in 2003, after years of false Western allegations led by America about Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction.

The US and its allied forces entered Baghdad on April 9th , 2003, which was the beginning of a dark page in the history of Iraq imposed by the Anglo-American occupation.

This invasion left more than a million dead, hundreds of thousands injured, and five million people displaced, in addition to causing massive material losses and huge destruction of vital infrastructure and facilities, according to international statistics.

After the US occupation had begun, Iraq entered a phase of political and security instability and witnessed thousands of terrorist bombings with cars, booby-trapped vehicles, suicide bombers, claiming the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, in addition to the devastation and displacement caused by the deteriorating security conditions.

On the other hand, the terrorist organizations, such as Al-Qaeda and Daesh ,spread which also wreaked havoc in the country.

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who led the war on Iraq with former US President George Bush, confessed in 2015 that the war decision on Iraq and occupy this country was “wrong.” He also confessed that the invasion of Iraq was a major reason for the growth of Daesh terrorist organization.

Former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, the “godfather” of the US lie, admitted that his defending about his country’s report about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction before the UN was a “stigma ” in his political career.

Former US President Donald Trump said, in an interview with the New York Post newspaper in 2020, that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was the worst decision in the history of the United States, and he added “We spent 8 billion dollars on the worst decision”.

Press reports confirmed that the real reasons for the US and British governments for the occupation of Iraq lie in seizing Iraq’s oil resources.

As those reports stated of incitement to the invasion by officials of major American oil companies, including the Halliburton Oil Group, while British government secret documents pointed to a strong relation of oil companies and institutions to the invasion of Iraq.

Head of al-Hal Party Jamal al-Karbouli, said on this occasion that the anniversary of the occupation of Baghdad represents a deep wound in the human conscience.

MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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