Prime Minister: Subsidization policy is strategic method for Syria

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, said on Monday that Subsidization policy is a strategic method for Syria.

Arnous added in an interview with Syria and al-Ikhbariya TVs and Radio of Damascus that electricity and oil products have been provided in the best forms before 2011, adding that they have retreated in light of the terrorist war that destroyed at least 60% of the overall energy stations and transmission lines as the losses were very large.

Arnous affirmed that the reason behind shortage in the petroleum products is the US occupation which loots the production of Syrian wells of oil and gas in al-Jazeera.

“Before the terrorist war, we had 20 million m3 of gas used in the electric power production, but today we can secure only 8 million m3 of it as this situation has imposed rationing,” Arnous said.

He added that there is a large tendency towards alternative energy as “we produce today 33 mega and we are going to produce 70 additional mega during the coming months.”

“Subsidization policy is a strategic method for Syria and we will not abandon it,” Arnous said.

He added that the State is determined to make the exchange price stable which has been affected by the terrorist war and the coercive economic measures, affirming that combating corruption will continue.

Mazen Eyon

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