Citizens of occupied Golan: our land is Arab Syrian, UN resolution confirms this fact

Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA –Citizens of occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that it was and still is an Arab, Syrian land, adding the United Nations’ General Assembly resolution that called on the Israeli occupation to withdraw from it confirms this truth.

Golan citizens stressed that their firm stance to resist the occupation was the basis of any international decision and it has never given any  legitimacy to the occupation.

 Liberated captive Bishr al-Maqt, said in a statement to SANA that the whole world rejects the measures taken by the Zionist entity on the occupied Golan, adding  “our confidence remains in our people and our wise leadership represented by President Bashar Al-Assad and our Syrian Arab Army as the Syrians hope for the liberation of the Golan.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution with  the  majority of member states calling on the Israeli occupation entity to fully withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan to June 4th, 1967 line, in implementation of Security Council relevant resolutions.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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