Moscow Forum for Religion and Peace opens with participation of Syria

Moscow, SANA- With the participation of Syria, Moscow 7th International Forum for Religion and Peace was opened on Tuesday in the Russian capital of Moscow under the motto “Interfaith and intercultural dialogue in the Modern world.”

Head of the Syrian delegation to the forum, Minister of Education, Darem Tabbaa, said that Syria is the cradle of civilizations and the source of divine messages, indicating that the Syrians carried their sacred message throughout history through caring about education.

 “The educational process in Syria throughout history has been an important carrier of that supreme message through traditions and norms which gathered people with their human values and then turning into an educational curriculum by which people learn tolerance, love and acceptance of others,” the minister said.

In another context, Tabaa stressed the important role of Syrian-Russian relations to enhance the educational role in the Syrian society and the need for boosting this relationship in the joint interest of the two countries and peoples.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow, Minister Tabaa said that the Syrian experience in light of terrorist war conditions had a great importance of educational sides, adding that it is an important thing to show the educational aspect in “rebuilding Man and finding a new relationship for the new generation away from extremism and terrorism.”

 “Most of our problems were because of the educational regulations, so we must teach people skills through which they can analyze, compare and take the most effective solution to their problems,’ the Minister added.

On the sidelines of the forum, an agreement was signed between the Syrian Trust for Development and the World Christian Union on cooperation and the exchange of experience.

The forum is held this year with the participation of nearly one thousand Russian and foreign governmental, religious and social figures, including representatives from 17 countries.

Bushra Dabin/ MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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