Some fires extinguished in many provinces…fire-extinguishing efforts underway

Provinces, SANA_ The fire brigades of the coastal province of Tartous extinguished a fire in an area with dry herbs near the facilities of the oil outlet and the radio station, both located on the highway between Tartous and Banias.

Commander of Tartous Fire Brigade Samir Shamma, told SANA that the fire spread over a large area and was fully controlled with the participation of four firefighting vehicles without causing any damage.

He added that firefighters, on Thursday, extinguished 35 fires that broke out in various areas and villages of the province on the evening as they are now working to put out the fire that broke out in the town of Daher Safra in the province countryside.

Earlier in the day, Tartous fire brigade together with the Forestry Department of the Agriculture Directorate and the Civil Defense Directorate extinguished the fire that erupted on Thursday evening in Mashta al-Helou region and spread over large areas.

Head of Tartous Forest Department, Hassan Nassif, said the firefighters are currently dealing with a fire in al-Barqiya in Safita area, which extended from Homs governorate.

He added that the fire spread to new areas in Dweir al-Malawah and Nabe’ Karkar and over large areas.

Nassif pointed out that the prevailing weather conditions, such as high temperatures and the speed of dry winds, contributed to the spread of the flames and made it more difficult to deal with them.

The firefighters are making great efforts to control the still burning hotbeds.

In Homs, the fire brigades are trying to control and put out the fires which renewed in separate areas of province countryside.

SANA reporter said that the fires were close to the populated areas and civilians’ houses.

Commander of Homs Fire Brigade Colonel Osman Juda, told SANA reporter that the firefighting teams, in cooperation with the people, managed to control the fire that was renewed in the town of al-Zweitina, and now the cooling operations are underway.

He pointed out that the firefighters are continuing the process of extinguishing a new fire that broke out in the town of al-Mazina, near the dam.

Juda indicated that the attempts are currently underway, in cooperation with the people, to control a fire that broke out in the weeds in Qala al-Saqqa village.

For his part, Elias Bitar, head of the Tal Kalakh Forestry Department, said that work is still underway to control the fire that was renewed in the town of Hab Namra, which extended greatly due to strong winds and high temperatures.

Firefighting teams and the people were able to largely control the fire that broke out in Burj al-Maksour forest in the western countryside of Tal Kalakh.

Homs fire brigade in cooperation with civil defense units on Thursday managed to put out fires of the forest and fruitful trees in the villages of al-Zuwetinah, al-Daghle ,Jeser Hadeda , Um al-Izam ,Um al-Mas , Buznaya ,Taren and al-Jaffareyat in Homs western countryside.




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