President al-Assad: Most European countries harmed their people’s interests through their support for terrorist organizations-VIDEO

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad said most of the European countries have followed an unrealistic policy towards Syria since the beginning of the war in it.

His remarks came during a meeting on Monday with the visiting Belgian parliamentary delegation headed by member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament Filip Dewinter.

By adopting this policy, Europe has isolated itself and undermined every possible role it could play in this regard and has also harmed the interests of its people through it having supported organizations that have practiced all forms of terror against the Syrian people.

The President said there are Western politicians who work only with the aim of winning the elections and not for serving the interests of their countries and people, which has lead to the emergence of European policies that are dissociated from reality regarding some issues, which in turn has cast a shadow over the position and role of the European Union in the world.

An exchange of views took place during the meeting on the latest developments in Syria and the latest changes in international positions.

The Belgian delegation stressed that the Syrian Arab Army’s success in liberating Aleppo has contributed to a large extent to shifting the balance of power in the war against terrorism and to having many officials in the Western countries changing their attitude.

The delegation members pointed out that the success in eliminating terrorism in Syria would definitely lead to curbing its spread in the whole world.

The Belgian figures clarified that the public opinion in a large number of European countries is witnessing a remarkable shift in their attitude towards what is happening in Syria, especially in Aleppo.

They added that their visit to Syria and their mingling with the Syrian people has been very helpful and will contribute to helping the public opinion get a clearer image to face the lies being fabricated in Europe on the events in Syria.

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem also met the Belgian delegation and stressed to its members that Syria is going ahead with fighting the Takfriri Wahhabi terrorism, while at the same time, it supports all efforts seeking a political settlement for the crisis, calling for lifting the unfair sanctions imposed by the European Union on Syria.

Dewinter and the other Belgian figures stressed the need to unify all international efforts to stand by Syria and work on eliminating terrorism.

H. Said

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