Shaaban: Syria welcomes the results of the Moscow tripartite meeting

Damascus, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that there is daily coordination between Syria and its allies before and after any step or meeting.

During an interview with al-Mayadeen TV channel on Wednesday, Shaaban said it is the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army and those of the Syrian people and their allies that have led the Moscow tripartite meeting two days ago, which brought together the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey, to come out with those results.

She added that Syria approved the meeting’s results, which she said signal the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one.

Asked whether Syria will be heading towards a political solution after Moscow meeting through talks in Astana and later in Geneva, Shaaban said the fact that the UN Special Envoy for Syria Stafan de Mistura called for talks only hours after the meeting and announced that coordination is taking place with the team of the US President Donald Trump stress that “those parties which had earlier held the reigns of the initiative before this meeting have sensed that they will fall behind if they do not hurry to take action.”

“Undoubtedly, with the tripartite meeting in Moscow we witness the start of a new stage. But how successful it is going to be and how far things will go are all open questions in the future,” she added.

Shaaban stressed that Syria is “ready to hold dialogue with any of the important forces that seek to reach a political solution that is in conformity with the principles and rules set by the Syrian state and helps end the bloodshed and war in Syria.”

In her response to a question whether Syria is willing to meet with the Turks, particularly upon the recent change in the Turkish discourse, Shabban said that “depends on which formula, way and conditions that would be and on [the Turks’] conduct on the ground above all.”

She affirmed that Syria’s dignity comes first, and that “we are with everything that preserves its dignity, people, unity and the worth of its martyrs’ blood, the suffering of its injured and the sacrifices of its people.”

H. Said

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